Cheese at SO/ – February Edition


MIXO Bar, 9th Floor
3 February 2023
7pm – 9pm

Embark on an epicurious journey and dive into the world of cheese for two full hours at our well-renowned monthly happening, Cheese at SO/.

Savor and explore an extensive selection of 30 powerfully rich cheeses sourced from France and Italy including Comté, Camembert, fondue and soft, creamy Époisses.

This February, discover Le Claousou, an unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese from the Lozère region of southern France. The bark collar around the cheese imparts a sappy aroma and a bosky, smoky flavor, and with a little brine washing of the rind, the rich silky earthy flavors come to life.

See the package below.

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Voucher Image

Voucher Image