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MIXO Bar, 9th Floor
1 July 2022
7PM – 9PM

Enhance your epicurious palette and dive into the world of cheese for two full hours by exploring our extensive range of 30 types of cheese sourced from France, including fan favourites such as Comté and fondue as well as the soft, creamy and powerfully rich newcomer taking the center stage, Époisses cheese.

All accompanied with cold cut charcuterie, trimmings and live music.

For our special wine selection this month, our sommelier will be serving Château du Donjon Le P’tit Coup 2018 red wine and Languedoc Sauvignon Blanc white wine. The delicate fruity, round red wine with a beautiful balance, give this red wine a pleasant elegance. Fresh citrus on the nose, the Languedoc Sauvignon Blanc is slightly grassy on mid-palate and fruity on the finish.


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